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Our partners

We work with independent production facilities that have been carefully selected for their expertise as well as their ecological and social values.

We currently work with facilities in Portugal, China and India.

The video in China was supposed to be made when the covid appeared, so we will make it as soon as the sanitary situation allows it. 

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Just like us, these manufacturers are family businesses with impeccable expertise. We have been working with all our partners for several decades and visit the sites several times a year to ensure close collaboration with our production teams.

Conscious production

Unlike fast fashion, we have opted for a conscious approach by producing clothes in limited quantities without restocking.

Production is as accurate as possible to prevent overstocking. This is why you will sometimes find that items are out of stock and no longer available in stores or online.

What happens if an item is out of stock?

Is the item you wanted out of stock? Create an alert to find out when the item is back in stock! It is possible that the article will become available again as a result of stock movement between stores and our online store. Running out of stock is never intentional. We design and create collections a year in advance so it is difficult to predict which items will be more successful than others. Every season, we try to achieve the right balance to satisfy our customers without producing surplus stock.

What is fast fashion?

Buissonnière is the opposite of fast fashion!

This part of the textile industry offers new collections every month at rock-bottom prices. This system has a negative impact on quality and the working conditions of people who make the clothes.

It also takes its toll on the environment since the materials used are more polluting and the rapid delivery of new products relies almost entirely on air transport. Constantly producing new products leads to large quantities of unsold stock, which generally ends up being incinerated.

We are committed to avoiding becoming part of this industry. We only offer two main collections and two mid-season collections a year. Our stock is limited and planned as accurately as possible. All of our unsold stock is donated instead of being incinerated. We prefer to offer fewer items less often to guarantee the quality of our fabrics as well as decent working conditions in factories.