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Washing instructions:

Always read the garment care instructions.
Wash colored clothing separately or with similar colors in order to avoid color transfer.
Remove detachable details and close Velcros and zippers before washing.
Use laundry detergent as indicated on the package.
Always wash printed clothing inside out.
Washing by hand: use warm water, 40°C max. and make sure the detergent dissolves.

Ironing instructions:

Always read the garment care instructions.
Iron clothing inside out as often as possible in order to avoid ironing marks.

Drying instructions:

Always read the garment care instructions.
Do not dry the garment in the sun to avoid discoloration.
Heavy sweaters must be shaped and dried flat in order to keep their original shape.

Tips for wool or Lycra/spandex garments:

Wool may shrink or mat if:

Washed at an elevated temperature (more than 30°C)
Soaked in water too long
A wool program that is too long
Too much detergent

Instructions leather:

Leather and suede items should be taken to a specialist leather dry cleaner.

Instructions silk:

Silk is a very delicate material and should be treated with care. Use a detergent for delicates when washing silk and do not stretch the garment while wet.