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Our Stores

Reduced opening hours

Our business model is environmentally friendly and cost effective. By choosing to limit our opening hours, we have reduced our environmental impact and consumption. We have also saved money in relation to staff costs.

This allows us to offer high quality clothes at affordable prices.

Reducing and recycling waste

We recycle all cardboard and plastic packaging used in stores. This diverts almost 20 tonnes of paper, cardboard and plastic from landfill every year.

We removed plastic bags from our stores in 2015 and replaced them with reusable canvas bags to limit the use of plastic.

Our green energy

Solar panels have been installed on the roofs of our offices and the Wavre store to produce green energy. On some days, we manage to produce enough electricity to be self-sufficient.

Low-budget marketing

Our marketing spend is relatively low: around 1% of our revenue compared to between 7% and 10% in the industry. We rely on customer word-of-mouth rather than expensive advertising spots. Keeping costs low helps to optimise the retail price of our clothes.

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