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Our clothes’ journey

Avoiding a fast fashion approach also means paying particular attention to the journey our clothes make in order to reduce their impact as much as possible.


We try to use the most ecological means of transport even if these methods are not always the fastest:

For items manufactured in Europe:
95% are transported by lorry and the rest by air.

For items manufactured outside Europe:
84% arrive by boat, 10% by air and the rest by train.

Air transport is only used in case of delays in production to ensure that our clothes arrive on time.

Sea transport, an environmental choice

Sea transport takes on average 40 days compared to just 3 days for air transport. But using boats is a much more environmentally friendly choice. It costs more in terms of time but the ecological impact is greatly reduced.

A tonne of air freight emits an average of 670 g of CO2 per kilometre compared to around 12 g for sea freight.*

*Data from ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and the French Environment Ministry.